Long Island Business Lawyer Representing New York Companies In Litigation

Counsel table in courtroomEntrepreneurs start companies with ideas as to how they will further their products or services. They often do so with the belief that they will provide a high level of service and that other parties will live up to their end of any arrangement. Unfortunately, there are times when customers are unhappy. There are also times when former employees or vendors do not honor their commitments. Under such circumstances a company may find itself involved in litigation as either the Plaintiff or the Defendant. You may even find yourself having been sued personally. In such a situation it is vital that you have an experienced business law attorney to assist you. Holly Meyer is a Long Island lawyer who handles such matters. She understands that you are facing a serious situation and she will take your matter seriously. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. We also serve those in Queens, Brooklyn, and other New York areas.

Attorney assisting Long Island, New York businesses who are party to a lawsuit

There are several situations in which a business may find itself as a party to a lawsuit. A vendor may have failed to honor their end of a contract, a customer may have failed to pay for services rendered, or the business may have been a victim of fraud. Litigation situations in which our office are able to assist small to medium sized companies include, but are not limited to:

An important thing to understand is that any of the situations can place a strain on your time and financial resources. Just as important is the fact that these matters divert your time away from the most important thing – your business. By retaining a lawyer sooner, rather than later, to deal with such matters you can help to ensure that the case is handled as efficiently as possible.

Holly Meyer is a Long Island attorney assisting New York businesses who are involved in litigation. At your initial consultation, Holly will gain an understanding of your business, your overall situation, and the current matter at hand. She will give you an honest assessment of your options, the situation’s possible outcomes, and the steps needed to protect your interests. She will quickly file any necessary documents with the Court. If a reasonable resolution cannot be reached then Holly will conduct all necessary discovery and will ensure that your case is prepared for trial. Our firm understands the importance of these types of matters and we are ready to assist you. Contact us today.

Our firm also serves Kings County residents in Brooklyn, residents of Queens, those in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as well as people in other New York areas.

Lawyer staying in regular communication with Long Island business owners who are involved in litigation

If your business is involved in some type of litigation then you are facing a stressful situation. The last thing you need is to retain an attorney who fails to stay in regular contact with you. This is why Holly makes lawyer-client communication a priority. She will promptly respond to messages, ensure that you are copied on documents, and will meet with you as often as necessary. We understand that one of the most common complaints against law firms is a lack of communication. We strive to be different in this regard.