Long Island Attorney Drafting Corporate Bylaws & Agreements

People negotiating contractDeveloping a strategy and plan is one of the first steps for any new company. A framework must quickly be put in place in order to make sure that these strategies and plans are followed. The proper place to record this framework is in a company’s corporate bylaws and/or business agreements. Such bylaws, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and operating contracts can be used to clearly state the rights and obligations of shareholders, the situations under which one may be “forced out” of the company, and requirements which must be satisfied before new members are brought in. Start-ups that lack these written agreements, unfortunately, sometimes find themselves suffering from a dispute between the owners. These disputes can cripple a company. By having clearly written contracts in place, you can help to avoid such issues. It is important that you retain an experienced lawyer to assist you with properly negotiating and drafting your documents. Holly Meyer is a Long Island attorney who assists with the negotiation and creation of such documents. She prides herself on providing quality service and is ready to assist you. Contact us today. We also serve those in Queens, Brooklyn, and other New York areas.

Long Island lawyer helping to draft New York articles of incorporation, bylaws, and other necessary contracts

The outcome of many situations will depend on a company’s articles of incorporation, bylaws, operating agreements, and other contracts. The situations which will be controlled by these documents can include the circumstances under which a company can be dissolved, circumstances under which ownership interests may change, the roles and responsibilities of each owner or member, the extent to which parties may be responsible for personal guarantees, and more. If a company’s records and agreements are not properly drafted, then disputes can arise as to any of these issues and the members may find themselves embroiled in litigation. Properly drafting your documents can help to avoid these problems.

The development of a company’s bylaws and charters begin with identifying the entities long-term goals and needs. It is also important to consider complications which may arise when a company is trying to meet those goals. Bylaws and operating agreements can be put in place in order to provide agreed-upon mechanisms for dealing with such complications and problems. These agreements should state the role of each member/owner in the organization, the person with ultimate decision-making authority, and steps which must be taken to resolve disputes between members. It is crucial that the agreements be written in an unambiguous manner so that disputes cannot arise as to the meaning of the documents. By retaining an attorney, who is experienced in handling such matters, you work to ensure that your affairs are handled properly.

Holly Meyer is a Long Island lawyer who handles the negotiation and drafting of various corporate documents. She will use your initial consultation to gain a deeper understanding of your business and how you serve your customers. She will work to help you identify potential issues which you may not have otherwise considered and will draft contracts and bylaws which help you to focus on the most important thing – running your company. Holly will also assist you with the formation of a business entity and will stay in regular contact with you so that all necessary documents are kept up to date. She focuses on this area of law so that you may focus on your customers.

Business law attorney assisting Long Island, New York businesses with various contract issues

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs can feel as though they are under the siege of constant paperwork. Holly helps to take this load off of your organization by preparing other documents besides corporate bylaws, agreements, and charters. These can include employee contracts, non-compete agreements, and more. Regardless of your needs, Holly is able to assist you. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer.

In addition to Long Island, we also serve Kings County residents in Brooklyn, residents of Queens, those in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as well as people in other New York areas.